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Whipd Beats also know as Melanie Webb, is a composer and music producer who grew up in India in a family that loved music and played it twenty-four hours a day. Her Father exposed her too many different kinds of genres, but she fell in love with jazz, disco, soul, and the blues. When listening to her music you can hear these genres intertwined and fused in all of her tacks. 


Ever since she can remember Whipd Beats says she was playing around with her Father's Techniques equalizer, to try to get the most perfect sound possible. Little did she know that this was a foray into a future that would entail composing and producing electronic music in her adult years. She studied classical piano from the age of eight to her early teens, but had to give it up (under duress), due to the pressure from her parents to achieve academically. 

Whipd Beats discovered electronic music in the 80's while living in Dallas, Texas, studying Political Science at Southern Methodist University. She would frequent the 'Starck' club, which showcased the up and coming DJ's that fused and blended a variety of genres together. Later on when 'House' music exploded onto the music scene, Whipd Beats says she felt that she had come home, this was because it included a fusion of all of the genres of music that she loved.

In 2010 by accident Whipd Beats stumbled across music production. Due to an illness that lasted for more than ten years, she was confined to her bed for many hours, it was during this time that she discovered a program on her laptop called Musicmaker which gave her the opportunity to create her own electronic music. She spent hours every day experimenting with sounds and melding genres together, she had finally found her 'happy' place. Composing and creating music became a saving grace that gave her relief from her illness. Over the years she has continued to perfect her craft by using more sophisticated programs and by learning as much as she can to elevate her production. She considers herself an 'emerging artist', who still has a lot to learn, and who is unafraid to push the boundaries to create her own unique sound. 

In 2018 Whipd Beats signed her first Afro-House track 'Joie de Vivre', with Italian House label, Stereophonic Records. The track was listed at number nineteen on the 'Essential Afro House' playlist on Traxsource. In addition Whipd Beat's music has also been used in several editorial fashion videos in Perth, Australia.

Whipd Beats completed a body of work for her debut album release in 2020 however due to the pandemic she has had to post-phone the release to 2021. The album is a fusion of House and it's sub-genres.

'I create therefore I am.'


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