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Since the release of "Joie de Vivre" in 2018 Whipd Beats has been composing, arranging, and, producing a comprehensive body of work for the release of her 2021 debut album “Eclectic”. You can expect the unexpected from this album! The listener is treated to a tasteful mixing of a variety of genres fused together to create Whipd Beats own unique sound. Each theme in each genre of each track is developed rhythmically as well as harmonically to create an exciting melting pot of a multiplicity of imaginatively creative sounds. The tracks contain great warmth and depth of meaning communicated on an emotional level. Here is a little taster of a few of the tracks off her album.

JUNGLE PARADISO (Afro Disco House ) 4.06


Charged with a high voltage current this is a big bouncy track full of energy guaranteed to move feet on dance floors! It has plenty of thumping drums, Latin percussion, a pulsating bass, and Afro vocals add the icing on the cake. Full of surprises and thrills from start to finish.

OH FATHER ( Soulful Jazzy Gospel Blues) 5.43


This is a soul deep ballad that is emotionally gripping and captivating, lending itself to an unprecedented beauty. It laments back to history with a pleading and passionate quality, a helpless cry that reaches out to the heavens, and a beautifully harmonised spiritual pulse with a slow graceful rhythm. A blues that pulsates with the truth of understanding.

WHY (Progressive Tech House) 5.34


Astronauts and armchair space travellers take note, this one will send you into the wild blue yonder faster and higher than any missile can. Stratospheric electronic sounds with a driving hypnotic beat that create a deep space dance track guranteed to catapult you into the stratosphere.  We ask the question ‘Why?’ philosophising about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

OBSESSION (Downtempo Ambient Jazz)  4.33


The roar of a flaming love affair, blazing strong and aesthetically beautiful but which stands dejected amongst the shattered romance. An experimentation with jazz to take it further and find the more exotic, laying one rhythm in counterpoint to the other.  Reflective and gently melancholic at times. The freedom of jazz improvisation. 

OXUMARÉ (Oh-shoo-mar-ay) (Progressive Afro House / Tribal Tech) 4.30


An organic blend of rhythmic patterns of dance and drum that are totally immersive. A feeling of urgent discovery and adventure with elements of tribal percussion that are well versed in the conversation. “Oxumaré” is the rainbow serpent God from the Afro-America Candomble’ religion, it represents transformation, rebirth, and the force of movement. 

TANGO DEL RUBY  feat. Northside Nate (Hip Hop)  3.48

A modern day version of the fusion of two cultured, the tango from the barrios of Buenos Aires and rap from the ghettos of the Bronx. A ballad with emotional finesse that bridges a complexity of human temperaments about love A lilting melody whose rhythm moves in a variety of propelling directions. A performance that is simple yet expressive, with a wistful dreamy sexuality.

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